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Sahara Dust Pale Ale

This is the first beer I’m brewing on order. Hold your horses, FOCBS, I’ll be there to drink it too, so still firmly in the “private hobby brewer” exception zone… My niece is celebrating her confirmation in a few weeks time, and I was told the gathered masses would be in the mood for good beer. Who am I to refuse… after all, “Good Beer for Good Friends” is the motto of this brewery.

I’ve recently acquired a bag of “Huell Melon” hops - they are advertised as having a melon (no surprise there) note, with underlying hints of strawberry. This will be my flavour hop of choice for this one. Bitterness will be provided by one of the old classics, Hallertauer Perle.

The name comes from the sahara dust that was covering some of my equipment before I started brewing. I hope I managed to clean it off completely, nobody likes gritty beer.

Malt Bill
Malt Type Amount
Maris Otter4.4 kg
Biscuit Malt0.6 kg
Acidulated Malt50 g
Mash steps
25 litres of strike water at 63°C
temperature Time
63°C120 minutes
72°C20 minutes
78°C5 minutes

Lauter and sparge with 5 litres at 78°C.

Boil for 85 minutes

Hop additions
Hop Type Amount Time
Hallertauer (9 - 10 %)30 g75 minutes before flameout (10 minutes into boil)
Huell Melon (5 - 6 %)20 g15 minutes before flameout (70 minutes into boil)
Huell Melon (5 - 6 %)25 gat flameout

Cool wort and add Safale S-04 to fermenter.

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