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I first brewed this as an attempted and improved clone of the amber lager made by the nice folks over at Aare Bier. Tradition had it that I served a keg of Aare Amber at my barbecue in June/July. For the barbecue in 2014, I decided to try my hand at brewing something similar myself. As I prefer the added flavour and complexity of top-fermented ales, I decided to deviate from the original in that respect.

The malt bill is inspired by several amber ale recipes on the web, as is the choice of bittering and flavouring hops. This was the first brew I clarified with seaweed, which I have since used on every brew. I’ve yet to try clarifying in secondary fermentation with gelatin, but the seaweed method already yields a very clear beer.

I’ve made Amberosia since, last for my father’s 70th birthday. It’s an easy drinking beer with nice malty notes and a well balanced and not too pronounced bitterness.

Malt Bill
Malt Type Amount
Pilsner Malt1.6 kg
Viennese Malt2 kg
Munich Malt0.8 kg
Caraaroma220 g
Acidulated Malt50 g
Mash steps
20 litres of strike water at 54°C
temperature Time
54°C10 minutes
62°C45 minutes
72°C20 minutes
78°C5 minutes

Lauter and sparge with 10 litres at 78°C.

Boil for 60 minutes

Hop additions
Hop Type Amount Time
Hallertauer ( - %)20 g60 minutes before flameout (0 minutes into boil)
Tettnanger (3.5 - 5.5 %)30 g40 minutes before flameout (20 minutes into boil)

Cool wort and add Safale S-04 to fermenter.

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