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Lemondrop Pale Ale

This is a beer I made because the name of the hops just caught my imagination — some very good marketing by the hop growers there. The beer I envisaged was something between an amber ale and an IPA, so I used a malt bill with some carared, and added a good amount of hops well into the boil. I didn’t want it to turn out too bitter with a hint of sweetness, so I calculated accordingly.

The first tasting was a bit disappointing — far too bitter and almost adstringent. I left the beer in the cask, intending to drink it over the coming weeks, and promptly forgot about it after I brewed the next batch. The month of extra maturing in the kegs turned it into a very nicely balanced ale, which was gone all too quickly. The next batch is already brewed though…

Malt Bill
Malt Type Amount
Pale Ale Malt5 kg
Carared0.5 kg
Acidulated Malt50 g
Mash steps
20 litres of strike water at 54°C
temperature Time
54°C10 minutes
62°C65 minutes
72°C20 minutes
78°C5 minutes

Lauter and sparge with 9 litres at 78°C.

Boil for 65 minutes

Hop additions
Hop Type Amount Time
Pacific Gem (15.8 - %)20 g55 minutes before flameout (10 minutes into boil)
Lemondrop ( - 4.6 %)30 g20 minutes before flameout (45 minutes into boil)
Lemondrop ( - 4.6 %)30 gDry hopping (fermenter)

Cool wort and add Safale S-04 to fermenter.

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