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Myrdallsjökull IPA

This beer is named after a glacier in Iceland — for the simple reason that it contains “Glacier” type hops.

Malt Bill
Malt Type Amount
Maris Otter5.3 kg
Carared0.5 kg
Acidulated Malt50 g
Mash steps
25 litres of strike water at 54°C
temperature Time
54°C10 minutes
62°C180 minutes
72°C20 minutes
78°C5 minutes

Lauter and sparge with 9 litres at 78°C.

Boil for 65 minutes

Hop additions
Hop Type Amount Time
Summit (17.7 - 17.7 %)20 g65 minutes before flameout (0 minutes into boil)
Cascade (5.5 - 9 %)25 g20 minutes before flameout (45 minutes into boil)
Glacier (5.2 - 5.2 %)30 gDry hopping (fermenter)

Cool wort and add Safale S-04 to fermenter.

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